Arakkal family in Kannur was the one and only Muslim dynasty who ruled over Cannonore, played a prominent role for many centuries in the Historical events of Malabar. Due to the fragmentation of the family and other reasons the abode of the ruling family and the records in their custory were in a dilapidated condition withput care. These records are dating back to 18th century AD. The records kept at the Arakkal ruling family show that they had maintained Marine trade relations with other parts of the world. As part of an agreement with the present family members of the Arrakkal family records of the Arakkal dynasty were acquired by the Kerala State Archives and kept at Regional Archives, Kozhikode.

             Malabar was under the direct rule of the British as it was a part of Madras Presidency. Hence the Kerala related records relating to Malbar were under the custody of the Tamil Nadu Archives. The department had arrived at an agreement with Tamilnad Archives andmthe Tellichery and Anjengo Factory records (AD 1714-1802) will acquired shortly along with their microfilm copies. It is expected that those records will be available for research from the last quarter of 2004.

             The Central Archives, Thiruvananthapuram has a rich and enormous collection of Palm leaf documents in churuna and Gfandha form dating back from relating to Travancore history written in old script of Kerala namely Vattazhuthu, Kolezhuthu, Malayanma, Old Tamil etc. This is a unique connection in the world of its kind and mostly dealt with Political, Social and Cultural history of middaval Kerala especially Travancore. The Department have decided to implement a project for the digitalization, transcription or translation and Conservation of these records in a phased manner of which the first phase has been started.

             The Department has also initiated action to transfer the records from Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram from 1956 onwards to the Directorate of Archives. Thiruvananthapuram. These records will be transferred to State Archives soon.

Out reach Programmes

             Archives Exhibitions and National Level Seminars are organised to arouse Archival consciousness among the public and the academic community in particular ĎArchives Week Celebrationsí are organised in the month of November every year as part of the International Archives Week Celebrations of the International Council on Archives.

             Training in Record Management and Conservation of Records are organised for the benefit of the officers working in the record rooms of Government Secretariat, Public Service Commission, Various Govt. Departments etc.

Technical advice is given to private Institutions and individuals for the Preservation of old records